Friday, September 24, 2010

"The Heart of Life"

Fall is officially here ....... maybe it doesn't quite feel like it with temps in the upper 90's and even reaching into the 100's here in the sultry South. But it is of my favorite seasons - but a season that always makes me reminisce.....this year I seem to be remembering things from my childhood such as.....

afternoon naps with my grandmother ~ playhouses made of dirt floors and trees serving as dividers for rooms (we had mansions - I tell you!) ~ mud pies ~ pedal cars ~

paper dolls (the kind cut out from magazines or catalogs) ~ Bonanza ~
the slinky ~ spinning tops ~ jacks ~ mexican jumping beans ~ special walks in the "grove" to find the best colored leaves ~

 Red Rover Red Rover ~ Nancy Drew Books ~

 Fields and Fields of snow white cotton ~ four-o-clocks ~ hydrangea's ~

 apple fights in the apple orchard ~ the grocery man (a couple of times a month he would come by and you could purchase your groceries from the truck) ~

 swimming in the TN river on the Natchez Trace ~
 swinging so high that I thought if I got just a little higher......I could really touch the sky.... 

 and my very favorite memory of all.......sitting at my grandmother's feet with my head resting on her lap......she would rub my hair and sometimes sing songs to me (I continued this routine up into my adult life!)..........although, she has been gone for twenty years - I still miss her  - especially during the  Fall ~ she gave love unconditionally

What's some of your special memories?

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.  ~Author Unknown

Much love to you all and wishing you nothing but those sunshiny kinda days.